Care Cabin / About Us...

After the nationally broadcast 60 Minute news segment on Casselberry’s hungry and homeless students the Casselberry Community Task Force was formed to bring residents, businesses, non-profit groups, churches and other organizations together to address this need. From this the Care Cabin was created.

The Care Cabin exists on the campus of Casselberry Elementary school to serve the children and families at C.E.S. and Maitland Middle School. The Cabin is open 5 days a week, run by a team of community volunteers, providing food and clothing assistance to those who have need. Because of generous community partnerships we are able to provide a wide array of healthy foods, meats and milk as well as good quality clothes. In addition to this we provide books to help the students develop their reading skills are able to assist people in finding employment and meeting other needs that they have. From this

Cabin, needs are met, children and fed and nurtured by the generous provision of many community partners and kind citizens. As well as caring for our children, this joint community effort is uniting our Casselberry Community to care for one another. While almost 500 grocery bags of food a month are distributed through this cabin, the biggest commodity that we distribute is our care. Hence the name “Care Cabin” is a fitting description of what happens through this outreach.

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